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Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists.

Nikola Tesla (via ihrlaa)

Agreed. Anti-social behaviour is not out of choice, it is born from experience and applied education that forms intolerance for ignorance and stupidity for those that lack such abilities. Everyone wants company, just preferably amongst peers or equals rather than their lessers. You can stride as a collosus above all but those who equal you or kneel amongst the tiny minded, afraid you’ll crush their little comfortable habitats. Better to stand on the shoulders of other giants than fret you’ll crush the world of those beneath you, hurting them or making them feel threatened.

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proudwingofstannis asked:

Why don't people like Kanye West?


Because he’s an extremely confident black man

Because he publicly shamed a popular mediocre white woman

Because he supports other sad creative black kids

Because he won’t take any kind of shit from the paparazzi

Because he lost all his fucks somewhere along the way and everybody is looking for them but him

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